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Tamper resistance through honeypots & multiple integrity tests.

Tamper resistance through honeypots & multiple integrity tests.

A secure execution environment for doing Strong Customer Authentication is required by PSD2. Instead of trying to protect the entirety of your app with Okay we provide a small Secure Execution Environment which only protects the most sensitive parts of your application. This will simplify your maintenance for a start, as well as improving the overall performance of the authentication process. 

Okay provides a unique secure execution environment:

  • Even transaction data is compiled into obfuscated code blocks
  • Very little code is stored on the client
  • New code blocks can be pushed to the clients for each transaction and removed within seconds, making each instance truly unique on a code level to prevent mass attacks
  • For low-bandwidth situations and less critical transactions, local caching and asynchronous updates can be used

Common code blocks, such as the implementation of hashing algorithms are precompiled and obfuscated so that only the transaction data and unique watermarks need to be added to the data transferred to the client.

The secure execution environment also implements honeypots, which trigger server-side alarms if called, as well as very thorough integrity tests. To obfuscate honeypots as part of the code blocks is key to our preventative defence against any type of new innovative attacks. If the attack were to breach our defenses, it would still be detected and countered with an invalidated transaction.