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The authenticity and integrity of the transaction shown to the end-user is extremely important. That is why we verify that the display is not tampered with and that the integrity of the secure execution environment is not damaged.

How we're secure

Protection against root level malware

Regulation such as PSD2 and 3DS puts a lot of requirements on PSPs and card issuers. With the Okay SCA solution we help you both conform to regulation and protect your app from malware and criminal actors:
  • Dynamic linking is kept through the SCA process
  • Authenticity, integrity and confidentiality is verified for everything displayed
  • We protect against innovative new forms of malware
  • The transactions are tracked and logged
  • Possession and ownership is verified for each use
  • We provide a separate Secure Execution Environment
How are we secure

Protection against root level malware

Protection against all threats, now and in the future

When you provide a payment service there are a large number of potential threats
  • Network attacks, such as man-in-the-middle and attacks on your server-side
  • Overlay attacks, where a user is tricked into approving a fraudulent transaction
  • Accessibility attacks, where the app is remote-controlled by malware
  • Root type attacks, where the internal functionality of your app is reverse engineered and modified
  • Local storage attacks, where keys and other important information are extracted from the app’s storage
  • Malware that can steal text messages, intercept voice calls and change what happens when a user clicks on an icon

For more information, dive into how our SCA solution works or check out the Okay use-cases.

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