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Appendix 2 –
Support, maintenance & SLA

Okay is an authentication and verification service. Build strong customer authentication into your service by using Okay. Connect to our APIs (Application Protocol Interfaces) and Okay will help you achieve strong customer authentication and/or transaction verification.

The support, maintenance and our SLA is for the Okay service (“cloud”).

We believe in simplicity and in giving you the best support possible. Thus our support program only has one level, which is to connect you directly to the people making the software and running the service.

1. Support

When you have a valid subscription you will receive a private invite to our Slack channel, where you get direct access to our engineering team. We do not limit the number of developers in your organization that can gain access, as long as it is less than five.

Paying subscribers will receive the following support:

  • one enablement session via video conference
  • advice on technical use of Okay via Slack
  • advice on use of our APIs via Slack
  • access to our closed ecosystem for subscribers – a closed, invite only, Slack channel

We know your time is valuable, thus we will strive to respond to your requests as soon as possible and at the latest within 4 hours during normal business hours for Okay (CET Time Zone).

2. Maintenance

Okay is delivered as a cloud based service that is continuously maintained, improved and updated. We are happy you help us improve. Your reported bugs, disruptions and feature suggestions help us make Okay even better. We always strive to fix critical issues as fast as possible. This is done by us defining the priority according to severity and impact. To be able to balance the overall task load, we do so at our sole discretion.

3. Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We understand uptime is critical to your business. We have therefore designed the Okay service so you can run your business worry-free. However as any cloud service, Okay may be subject to sporadic interruptions beyond Okay’s control, including do to wireless radio intermittency, software errors, mobile network and data center disruptions.

We warrant that Okay will be available for minimum 99,95% of the time, not counting excluded issues (see below). If we fall short of this, we will reimburse you 100 times the amount you paid for the service while it was not available.

Calculation takes place per calendar month. Maximum credit for one month is capped at the cost of one month of your paid service.

Excluded from this warranty is unavailability caused by user errors, connectivity issues (including locally or public internet lines), force majeure situations, security issues, data center down time and service or maintenance (collectively, “excluded issues”).