Appendix 1 –
Okay (The Software Service)

Okay – Our API and SaaS based authentication and verification engine – is described below and on our webpages (

Single Device SCA.With Okay, you can put your entire bank branch with all the necessary service levels directly into the digital channels of your choice – even under high levels of risk. Meeting the increased public security requirements is a given, logically PSD2 compliant of course (SRC - Germany).

Secure Display Layer.With Okay you can always trust that screen being signed is the right one

Obfuscation.Malware resistance through obfuscation. Just-in-time transfer of obfuscated executable code and server-side verification.

Honeypots. Tamper resistance through honeypots, multiple integrity tests.

Continuous encryption. Encrypted storage which can only be decrypted with one-time key from secure server before immediate re-encryption.

Robot detection. User verification through accelerometer readings.

Floating windows. Active overlay detection mechanisms for floating windows, etc.

Server-side screenshots. Passive overlay detection through screenshots analyzed server-side.

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