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Legal Stuff

Okay Partner Program

Our ambition with Okay is to make our customers and you as our partner e-commerce heroes.
Our agreement consist of the signature document and these appendices:


Our headless API and software as a service (SaaS) based authentication and verification, as described in appendix 1and on our website (https://okaythis.com). It will regularly be updated and changed to remain the high quality tool our partners and customers want it to be. As a partner you will be able to test and learn to use it free of charge.

Partner Program Terms.

We offer our partners simple and competitive sales commission terms allowing you to sell Okay subscriptions to your customers, with best in class technical and sales support as well as access to knowledge and training. See See appendix 2.

General Terms.

The standard general terms that regulate the Okay partner program. See appendix 3.

Customer Service Terms.

As you will be selling Okay to customers, you need to know which terms that will apply between Okay and the customer. These are to be found on https://okaythis.com/terms. We call it appendix 4.

Data Processing Agreement.

The DPA sets out terms for Okay’s processing of personal data on your behalf – in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). See appendix 5.