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Strong Customer Authentication Service

First published: 07/11/2019

updated: 22/10/2022


Announcing the general availability of our Strong Customer Authentication solution, Okay.

Designed with independent software vendors in mind, Okay lets you easily implement two-factor authentication with the same strong security features as our solutions for banking and finance. Simply implement Okay API on the server side, tell your users to install the Okay App on their smart phone, and you will be ready to secure authentications and transactions.

As an extra bonus, we’ve implemented a public demo, which lets you test the basic features of our solution without registering.

While the customisable design and layout of the Okay app have been renewed and refreshed, the most exciting changes have been in the backend. We have new app implements, exciting security features such as improved just-in-time delivery of obfuscated code, new mechanisms to detect floating windows, and features to ensure that there is actual a live person operating the app.

We’re proud of our work, and hope you’ll test out the Okay app soon.

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